Just gone live

Just gone live

Midnight. Friday night. I’ve just gone live with my new project. I’ve spent the last few years working with interesting technologies in the DevOps world - let’s call it DevOps movement - and I need a place where I can write my notes, write down what I learn trying new and old technologies out. I hate paper. You can’t search for anything on it. Useless.

Please don’t get frustrated if you can’t read anything in the next couple of weeks, I am working on organizing the first Enterprise DevOps meetup in London and the spare time I have is limited. If on the 14th of September you want to come and see what kind of community we are trying to build, join the group following this and RSVP.

If you have any questions or you want to know details of the event, get in touch with me using the social links on the side of page.

I am looking forward to seeing you there. Come and say hi.


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Gianluca is a DevOps consultant spending most of his time on “getting things done” with automation - he believes that computers perform repetitive tasks and people solve problems.

London, UK http://gianlucaciocci.com